I am an artist/designer/entrepreneur exploring the intersection between art, fashion, and technology. My work aims to generate a personal narrative of communication with my audience with various mediums and platforms.

Inspired by my background in Network Engineering and previous entrepreneurship experience in technology, I tend to examine daily objects with an interdisciplinary perspective. I am seeking the potential for improvement and innovation through the process of transformation, with the desire of creating an unconventional relationship between forms and functions.

My recent projects focus on exploring the alternative fashion design process. By merging fashion and technology, I discovered several digital fashion design workflows which not only generate nontraditional silhouette but also reflect the relation between virtuality and reality.


  • Thinker/ Learner/ Observer

  • 2.5%/ INTP/ Outlier

  • Technology/ Art/ Fashion/ Design

  • Experiencing/ Experimenting/ Exploring

  • Maybe not a fashion designer



  • As an outsider of each fields, can I bring something different to it?

  • Speaking of art, can we talk like a normal human being?

  • Is creativity teachable?

  • BTW, who am I?

  • Fashion is a joke, I am taking it seriously.

  • Did you know: There is a difference between clothing designer and fashion designer.

  • ..