Creative Construction

Research_ Design Methodology

Project 1:

Based on a basic jacket sloper/ pattern, to create a creative/ original version top piece garment.

I had a hard time on this. I didn't even know how to make a jacket. "How could I create something new?"


The most important thing was, HOW TO BE CREATIVE?

So I used a traditional creative process of fashion design:

  1. Finding visual reference

  2. Sketching

  3. Making prototype

I spent two weeks working on this process, wanting to have a great idea/ creative design. I got tons of reference, dozens of sketches, and several prototypes. But I was still not satisfied. I kept changing my mind, denying all my previous deign ideas.

Then I noticed, the due time was the next day. I had to make a decision.

I spent one night, from pattern cutting to sewing, finished a jacket which I didn't like.


Project #2

Based on the pattern of the Project #1 top piece to create a bottom piece.

This time I had to change my method to design. I gave myself limitation, limited time to think.

I limited myself to make a decision in one hour

  1. What I want to make? - An apron.

  2. Playing with the pattern pieces of the jacket.

  3. Making prototype.

  4. Refining.

  5. Finishing.

The Final Project

Randomly switch patterns with others, to create anything.

This was a huge challenge for me and everyone in the class.

At first, my mind was totally blank. I did not know where to start.

I consider my patterns( above left) are logical. My partner's pattern did not make any sense to me.

I felt I was facing a wall. My thought was stuck.

However, I decided very quickly this time- 1 second.

Without any thinking process, I started cut my fabric out of her pattern. Then I chose random pieces to sew into a 3D piece as a simple experiment. The result was a surprise.


Learn how to limit my own thoughts. Ideas worth nothing until I make it happen.

Learn how to limit my own thoughts. Ideas worth nothing until I make it happen.